Thanks for your interest in my mentorship program!
You may not know this but one of my favourite parts of being a creative is to walk alongside others in their creative journey. 

I've been a student of videography and editing for over 11 years, and photography has been a part of my life for even longer! With a background as a teacher, I have an aptitude for teaching skills and helping people learn the crafts that I myself practise.

As a mentor to others and the recipient of mentorship myself, I appreciate the benefits of having help from someone with more experience in an area to jumpstart my journey and to be a sounding board along the way.

Conquer Yourself; conquer your craft

1. not everyone that comes my way will be a good fit with my style and philosophy

2. I can best help you in areas where I myself am most confident

With those points, I’d like to like share a few points of my philosophy on mentorship. If at the end, you feel like these resonate, please complete the form and we can have a discovering call to discuss the areas you need help in:


I’m assuming that you’ve appreciated some of my work before you took the time to reach out. You may even get inspiration from it (maybe). When I work with you, I’m not going to teach you to do things exactly the way I do them. I can definitely show techniques and processes that I use but I want to push you to find your own style. 

I’ll be honest: you don’t have to like my style to learn from me. And similarly, I may not like your style but my goal is help you develop it and find your own voice. 


Life is too short to beat around the bush. I value honesty not just from you, but also a pet of my communication with you. I’m a very direct person in giving feedback. 

I do also believe in speaking the truth in love. I will speak respectfully and honestly... and as we get more comfortable, we will inevitably joke more. 

Reach out only if you appreciate raw feedback. 


I have a family, my business and a church community, so I’m very busy. If we have appointments, I expect you to honour them or cancel with reasonable notice. 

You need to want it. I can’t want your growth more than you do. If you want to do fast, I’ll go fast. If you want to slow down, so will I. I will only keep you accountable to whatever you give me permission reach out on.


Your creative experience isn’t being built in a vacuum. As we discuss creativity, we will most certainly touch on your influences and related experiences in your life. These experiences, along with your personality type, will impact your decision-making and progression.

Some of these additional experiences can include, your beliefs, goals, past experiences and current life activities. 

I believe in a wholistic approach to mentorship.


I don’t know everything there is to being a videographer, a photographer, an editor, a business owner, etc. In fact, as we get to know each other most, you will learn about my weaknesses. I believe that I can best help you from my areas of strength. 

If there are questions I can’t answer, I’m happy to accompany you on the search for the answer or direct you to someone else who can help in that area.

Here are areas I have a mouthful on:


• Camera settings
• shooting weddings
• Shooting live events
• Creative shots with couples
• Event lighting
• Event audio
• Wedding film storytelling (very subjective)
• Editing techniques
• Editing workflow (very subjective)
• Colour correction 
• Audio sweetening
• Vlogging (very subjective)


• Camera settings
• Shooting weddings
• Posing (very subjective)
• Off-camera flash 
• Lightroom editing 


• Personal branding
• Finding a brand voice
• Client communication

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